Two Opportunities to Pray & Give

Brian Sullivan   -  

CrossPointe Family,

I mentioned on Sunday 2 opportunites to pray and give.

First, be praying for the Miller’s/Winslow’s tomorrow and Friday with the services for Bekki. You can read Bekki’s obituary here.

We would encourage you to give to their non-profit in lieu of flowers. Contributions can be made out to and mailed here: Spirit in the Sky Memorial Foundation 6671 W. Indiantown Rd. Ste 50-220 Jupiter, FL 33458.


Second, I mentioned a couple organizations who are supporting both refugees and churches in the Ukraine. Both are connected to trusted organizations and go directly to those impacted. You can learn more and give below.

Larry is on the board of Steve Childers Pathway LeaLning who shared this opportunity to bring relief to Ukrainian refugees and support churches who are serving in the Ukraine:

Further Description: 

As the war in Ukraine continues, missionaries and partners in the region face danger and disruption. Give now to help provide food, transportation, shelter, and medical aid for Ukrainians, locals in hostile areas, and refugees. Funds will also be used toward church planting efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding region.


Our friends Andrea and McKenzie Dorigo are church planters in Italy who shared at CrossPointe. They are a part of a network of churches who are receiving refugees and caring for people coming from the Ukraine. 

You can donate here:

All the funds received will be collected by IMPATTO ITALIA a church planting network we are part of.

UPDATE FROM OUR NETWORK: The situation in Ukraine and the surrounding countries is increasingly serious and the needs are even greater.

UKRAINE – the greatest needs are in Ukraine. Several towns and cities are under siege and it becomes difficult, at this moment, to reach them. Other areas are, for now, less affected, and therefore more accessible. The areas close to the borders see people huddled together waiting to leave Ukraine.

ROMANIA – three border areas, with extreme need in the south (a fairly poor area of evangelical churches). Multiple organizations, churches and charities are working well (so far) to accommodate arriving refugees. Food is not lacking. However, many other needs (related to accommodation) are lacking.

POLAND – is where the bulk of the refugees are arriving. The situation is similar to the other nations. Here we have contact with a network of churches that are moving to welcome refugees.

MOLDAVIA – the poorest nation, the most in difficulty that is receiving so many refugees. We are trying to make connections in the area.